FAQ: Sustainability

Are the products cruelty-free and ‘vegan’?

We can be brief about that: absolutely. We only test on humans (with consent) 😉. And Resonant water is the only ingredient.

Are the Bengs products safe and sustainable?

We don’t just think it’s important that our products are safe for you. We also want them to be safe for our environment. That’s why we try to choose the most sustainable solution in every area, from ingredient to production, packaging and shipping. 

The bottles
MIRON Violet glass is 100% recyclable. But the bottles are so beautiful and strong that we actually hope our customers give them a second life. If you still want to throw them away, they can go in the green glass container. 

The closures
We really looked for the most durable closures. We use mixed materials for the dropper bottles. In this case, each of these items must be disposed of separately. The glass pipettes can go with the glass and the rest with the residual waste. The spray caps are completely disposed of with the residual waste. So, we still have work to do here… We are continuing to look for more sustainable options for the future and are working closely with our glass producer. 

Our shipping boxes and other paper
We opt for boxes and paper with an FSC label (which stands for Forest Stewardship Council and stands for responsible forest management). Our basic principle is as little material as possible.