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Bengs Perform blind tested

We are so pleased with the first results of the blind test with Bengs Perform – that we are excited to share them with you.

An avid athlete already wrote a data-backed article about his positive experience on his website www.opfietsen.nl (English translation of the article to be found here). To cut a long story short: the first results of our blind test among over 20 athletes confirm these findings! How cool is that?

What stands out in the results:

  • 89% of the atletes correctly predicted which workouts were with and which were without Bengs Perform.
    A fun fact about this is that the test consisted of six workouts. So, if someone predicted one wrong, that person’s percentage of correctness went right from 100% to 66.6%. Simply because you immediately got two wrong, because they did three with and three without Bengs Perform.
  • Training sessions with Bengs Perform are perceived more positively.
  • Measured feedback from the workouts with Bengs Perform:
    • Able to lift more weight;
    • Able to do more repetitions;
    • Faster.
  • Subjective feedback on the workouts with Bengs Perform:
    • More focus and energy;
    • More strength;
    • Better coordination;
    • Feeling fitter.
  • Feedback on recovery:
    • Trained muscles feel fuller;
    • More energy after training;
    • Not fatigued;
    • No muscle soreness.


The blind test with Bengs Perform is ongoing, as there are athletes who entered the study later. We are grateful for the curiosity of these people, who explore the unknown with us. Thanks in part to their help, we now know even better what you have in your hands with Bengs Perform. And we are super proud of that!

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