Jasmin - Bengs Restore

“I had a surgery on my chaw yesterday, cut open, cleaned out the bone and close it again…normally this is quite painful for 2 or more days and one takes some painkillers…but I got home from the dentist, took Restore every hour 2 drops*…also once in the middle of the night…no pain, no swollen up!!! I can practically eat normally already.😅”

Anonymous - Bengs Restore

“Four years ago, I suffered from a severe pneumonia and since then my lungs had not fully recovered. After taking Bengs Restore, all symptoms are gone, to this day.”

Daisy - Bengs Restore

“I especially notice the calmness, which remains. It feels like holistic recovery.”

Ramona - Bengs Restore

“I don’t notice any results on my complaint after a week, but I’m just having more inside jitters.”

Christian Firus - Bengs Restore

“I would like to tell you that the Bengs Restore drops* did a great job. I had chills the night after the vaccination and not such a great night, but was quite fit the next day and still am today! Almost everyone around me responded with at least one day of sickness after vaccination – that’s a great result.”

Gerben - Bengs Restore

“It just feels good, I have a lot of energy and feel fit. I will definitely keep using Bengs Restore. And always that spontaneous, mischievous joyful grimace about me after 2 drops*.”

Jeffrey Stuut - Bengs Restore

“Also, I wanted to tell you that I already feel a slight difference. My fatigue is already less and I feel that I have become stronger and more powerful. I am curious to see if it will improve even more in the coming weeks, but I am already extremely excited!”

John Steur - Bengs Restore

“I eat more medicines than food. If this is going to help, I’m going to be your biggest ambassador.”
A week later: “I am experiencing with amazement and gratitude the very likely effect of Bengs Restore. I have not felt this good in ages. To be continued.”
Continued: “I will continue to use Bengs Restore for the rest of my life.”

Marcel Verver - Bengs Restore

“I have been using Bengs Restore for 3 days now. Either it’s my imagination, but I just seem to feel fitter already. I’d like to have a few more bottles.
One week later: “I have far fewer headaches and feel fitter.”

Klaas V - Bengs Perform

“I didn’t expect much from Perform. Only, in the end, I couldn’t ignore the numbers. I summarized this in an article on my website nl (English translation). I’ve been converted and don’t train without it anymore.”