FAQ: Bengs and how it works

Where is Bengs Resonant water made?

Bengs products sold in the U.S. and Canada are made in the U.S.. We comply with U.S. guidelines. Whether it concerns working conditions, hygiene rules or environmental guidelines.
For the rest of the world the Bengs products are produced in Europe, where we comply to European guidelines.

If it’s ‘regular’ water, why does it cost more than at my water supplier?

Of course, it’s not just any water. . . In order to give the specific resonance to each Bengs product, the water goes through a proprietary technology. So, it goes through a multi-step process. The special Miron purple glass bottle completes the optimal effect for you.

Suggested Use

Suggested use is printed on each bottle. That’s the amount which gives the desired result for most people. Of course you’re free to experiment with this. Discover your optimal dosage. We do say “more is certainly not better” in most cases.

Give Bengs Restore at least four weeks to give you balance and well-being.
Bengs Recover can be used more frequently and for a longer time if your situation demands.

How long can I store the products?

You can simply store the Bengs products at room temperature. The bottle has a best-before date. Until that date we guarantee the quality of the product.

Are your bottles special?

How nice that you want to know, because we’ve chosen our bottles with great care and we’re proud of it. MIRON Violet glass is unique. It’s bio photonic glass for natural products. The unique properties of this glass protect our products against the harmful effects of light, heat, and extend their shelf life. And, perhaps most special, this glass protects and revitalizes the potency of our products.

Can I use the products during pregnancy?

We recommend you ask your healthcare professional for advice.

Can I use products at the same time?

Yes, that’s possible without any problems. Some users even report an enhanced effect.

Can I also buy a sample or test pack?

No, we don’t have those. New users can try out Bengs products risk-free thanks to our money-back guarantee.

Does Bengs Resonant water work for everyone?

Yes, in principal, it works for everyone. However, the effect isn’t the same for everyone. And, isn’t always what was expected beforehand. That’s why not everyone perceives it. Sometimes your body needs balance in a different way than you initially think.

How does Bengs Resonant water work?

We know it works from the feedback from our customers, but we don’t know how it works. One of our founders, William Bengston, has been researching this for over 40 years. We ask you to discover for yourself what Bengs Resonant water does for you. Try it and you’ll know if it does something for your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual balance and well-being.

Where does the name Bengs come from?

William Bengston developed the RIC-method (Rapid Image Cycling™), the foundation under the initial Bengs products, and is one of our founders. Do we need to explain further…?