Review statement

When it comes to our reviews, we want to be as transparent as our water and at the same time act according to the rules of the Dutch Advertising Code Committee. Rules designed to protect you.

In order to comply with these rules, we did not post reviews that contain the following elements:

Reviews from customers who received a free Bengs product
Sometimes we give a gift in the form of a free bottle of Bengs Resonant water. And the fact that you get something for free could influence your rating. That is why we do not post reviews where customers indicate that they received our product for free.

A claim that our product soothes, prevents or cures disease
Being water, we are restricted from making or publish any kind of drug related claims (“disease treatment”, prevention, limitation).

Claims not sufficiently substantiated by scientific evidence
As crazy as it may sound, we are responsible for the published claims customers make about our products. Sometimes customers suggest that the product has provided benefits that cannot be substantiated by research. In those cases, we choose not to publish their review.

Side Effects Reports
Occasionally, in a review, customers suggest that taking our product coincided with an adverse event. This is a specific type of complaint in the eyes of the NVWA and should be dealt with offline with a full, formal investigation.

Spam, scam, derogatory or hate speech
We choose not to publish reviews that we believe put our customers or site users at risk.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question about our reviews:

The reviews statement was last balanced in November 2021