Numerous users have given us feedback, during the water studies and since the products are for sale through our website. We would love to show them on this page because this feedback from users tells us that Bengs’ products do interesting things that users experience as useful and positive. Unfortunately, legislation and regulations do not allow us to do so. You can read more about that here.

And actually, if we’re totally honest. . ., we also have a reason why we don’t want to display them. Because what does someone else’s experience do with your curiosity? And with your expectations? After all, your body is unique and therefore the experiences of others are no guarantee for the effect Bengs will have for you.

In the end transparency wins for us. Because honest feedback is important. This makes it increasingly clear what our products can mean for others. Only in this way do we improve, you learn and we all win. Read the real reviews from real customers here.*

And. . . only read the reviews if you can do so with a totally open mind!


* The option has only been available since November 29, 2021, so don’t think anything of it if only a few reviews are available.