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Product Information

Bengs Perform is designed for athletes and people looking for an extra boost in performance and strength. For your sports effort or just for your daily physical and mental activities. Perform also contributes to faster muscle recovery so you can reach your desired goal faster. 

Bengs Perform is the result of our ongoing research in collaboration with Bengston Research, led by William Bengston, PhD. We focused on developing a product that specifically supports athletes and those seeking healthy performance.

Our research, including the report "A Clinical Social Experiment of Device Infused Resonant Water," has shown that Perform, administered in drop form to the water in your water bottle, has positive effects on endurance, strength and recovery after exercise. By treatment with our RIC Technology, Perform increases the energy value of the water, contributing to an accelerated recovery process. Our products are designed to take your performance to new heights.

How does Perform achieve these results? Our bodies are 70% water, with each water molecule having a unique energy value. Perform increases this value, resulting in an accelerated recovery process. The drip-like administration of Perform to water makes its use effortless and efficient.

Experience the power of Bengs Perform and notice for yourself the improvements in your athletic performance!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Resonance?

An example to explain the potency of resonance is light. White light contains all colors of light. White light therefore contains the non-visible potential of all colors. Resonant water offers the "non-measurable potential" of resonances.

Another way of looking at resonance is the more formal way. Resonance (Latin: resonare, to echo) is a physical phenomenon that occurs with vibrations. A vibrating object can cause another object to vibrate, as the vibrations are transmitted through an intermediate substance. When this other object vibrates in the rhythm of the original vibrations, this phenomenon is called resonance. Source: Wikipedia.

What's in Bengs Resonant water products?

Very simply that is one ingredient: water. Bengs Resonant water starts as ordinary water going through a technology developed by ourselves. So this is not an addition in the form of a substance or anything like that.

The foundation under Restore and Perform is the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.

Among the other products, this is the healing resonance of various basic products, without the possible side effects of (chemical) substances in these basic products.

What kind of water is used for the Bengs Resonant water products?

The base is ordinary tap water that then goes through an additional filtration system. We are constantly improving our water quality.

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