At Bengs, we believe that well-being is about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance from within. And… we think that every persons body seeks information to restore balance. What if you could transfer the resonance that can help with that, to water; the source of all life?

Call us crazy, call us visionary, this belief, and years of research 😊 is the foundation of our products. Easy-to-use, drug-free products with resonance. Products that our users experience as useful and positive. We are so confident that we offer new users a money-back guarantee. After all, you have a unique body and so how could there ever be one solution for everyone? 


Life is all about exploring!Β 

Bill Bengston
Bill Bengston

Chief Science

Margaret Nies
Margaret Nies

Chief Flora & Fauna

Ted den Ouden
Ted den Ouden

Chief Commercial and very happy

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    Not happy, money back

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